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Vineyard Labyrinth

Labyrinth – Only one path leads to the centre

24m wide by 30m long

The path leading to the centre is 330m long which makes a walk through the labyrinth 660m long. In the centre there is a small viewing platform which offers glimpses of the many corners of the labyrinth as well as views towards Eisenstadt and the Leitha Mountains (Leithagebirge).

The vineyard was planted in 2013 in the form of a Roman labyrinth and serves as a reminder of the Roman province of Pannonia where viticulture was already widespread. This vineyard is only 6km away from the burial mounds of the Avars which were discovered in Zagersdorf. Grapeseeds dating back to the eighth century BC were discovered at this site. These are the oldest grape seeds that have been found in Austria.

The colours of Eisenstadt are white and red. For this reason, 250 Weißer Burgunder (Pinot blanc) vines and 250 Blauer Burgunder (Pinot Noir) vines were selected to demonstrate my connection and attachment to my hometown. These are also the grape varieties that the Cistercian monks planted in their home monastery in Burgundy. They were more than likely brought to Burgenland during the 11th century by the monks.

The vineyard is cultivated organically and certified organic.