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The Wines


Our “Gutsweine” are fresh and fruity, easy-drinking and guaranteed to have you coming back for more. The perfect introduction to our wine portfolio

Tinhof Blanc - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Tinhof Blanc

Refreshing, uncomplicated drinking enjoyment. A field blend of Grüner Veltliner & Co

Tinhof Rosé - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Tinhof Rosé

Fresh, fragrant and perfect for summer or as an aperitif. 100 % Blaufränkisch

Tinhof Noir - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Tinhof Noir

The Zweigelt & Co unites juicy fruit with easy-drinking pleasure without sacrificing regional typicity

Leithaberg Wines

These regionally typical wines are ambassadors of our region and demonstrate the fruit and elegance that is so characteristic of our area

Leithaberg Kalk

Our Burgundian blend is made from Pinot blanc, Neuburger and Grüner Veltliner and is typical for our Leithaberg region

Leithaberg Neuburger - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Leithaberg Neuburger

Full-bodied, elegant and well-structured – typical for our favourite variety

Leithaberg Weissburgunder - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Leithaberg Weissburgunder

Grown on meagre Leitha shell limestone, this typical Pinot Blanc is a perfect accompaniment to food

Leithaberg Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Leithaberg Blaufränkisch

Burgenland’s traditional red wine variety vinified in large wooden barrels – superb varietal character

Eisenstadt Wines

Made from various single vineyards in our hometown, these wines show the character and typicity of their origin. A lengthy ageing process in wooden casks results in expressive and structured wines

Eisenstadt Neuburger & Weissburgunder - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Eisenstadt Neuburger/Weissburgunder

The distinctive and elegant character of the “Leithakalk” in Eisenstadt has a decisive influence on this blend

Eisenstadt Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Eisenstadt Blaufränkisch

Deep, spicy Blaufränkisch with elegant acid structure and pronounced terroir character

Eisenstadt Sankt Laurent

Juicy, taut and an animating acidity in this winedrinking pleasure and a great food companion

Single Vineyard Wines

Every single site is unique and it is their individual character which shapes these wines. They are complex, structured and delicate at the same time. We give them the time they need to mature and this results in wines with significant ageing potential

Ried Golden Erd Neuburger - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Golden Erd Neuburger

Neuburger from a special vineyard site. Intense varietal character and unique terroir expression

Golden Erd Weissburgunder - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Golden Erd Weissburgunder

Pinot Blanc from a great, old vineyard – extraordinary charm and unique expression with marvellous ageing potential

Ried Tatschler Weissburgunder - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Tatschler Weissburgunder

Fine “Leithakalk” characterises this deep and powerful Pinot blanc. Well-structured with fine substance on the palate

Ried Oberberg Neuburger - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Oberberg Neuburger

A monopole vineyard which was first mentioned in records in 1570. 35 year old vines grown on extremely barren and compact “Leithakalk” – sandstone. Delicate yet precise

Ried Feiersteig Sankt Laurent

Ried Feiersteig Sankt Laurent

Sankt Laurent with plenty of elegance and structure from the historical Eisenstadt vineyard

Ried Setz Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Setz Blaufränkisch

Fertile slate soil makes for cool elegance and animating freshness; typical, spicy fruit

Gloriette Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Kirchberg Gloriette® Blaufränkisch

Deep, structured, expressive – a great Blaufränkisch from 60-year-old vines that are rooted in Leitha shell limestone

Sweet Wines

In particular years, the Pannonian climate creates sweet wines that are fully ripe. These Beerenauslese wines are precise, balanced and multilayered

Beerenauslese Neuburger

Beerenauslese Neuburger

Neuburger as a sweet botrytized wine – a harmonious combination of fruit and nut notes with appetizing drinkability

Beerenauslese - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Beerenauslese Weissburgunder

A botrytized Pinot Blanc with a perfect balance between residual sweetness, alcohol and fruity acidity

Large bottles and matured vintages on request!