Tinhof is Neuburger
Neuburger is Austria
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The Wines

Blanc - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Tinhof Blanc

Refreshing, uncomplicated drinking enjoyment. A field blend of Grüner Veltliner & Co.

Tinhof Rosé - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Tinhof Rosé

Fresh, fragrant and perfect for summer or as an aperitif. 100 % Blaufränkisch.

Tinhof Noir - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Tinhof Noir

The Zweigelt & Co unites juicy fruit with easy-drinking pleasure without sacrificing regional typicity.


Full-bodied, elegant and well-structured – typical for our favourite variety.


Grown on meagre Leitha shell limestone, this typical Pinot Blanc is a perfect accompaniment to food.

Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof


Burgenland’s traditional red wine variety vinified in large wooden barrels – superb varietal character.

Sankt Laurent - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Sankt Laurent

Attentively vinified to enhance the fine individuality and uniqueness of this variety.

Leithaberg Neuburger - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Leithaberg DAC Neuburger

Expression, depth and acidity result in a taut structure and delicious intensity.

Leithaberg Weissburgunder - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Leithaberg DAC Weissburgunder

A Pinot Blanc that impressively unites spice and mineral character on an elegant palate.

Leithaberg Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Leithaberg DAC Blaufränkisch

Deep, spicy Blaufränkisch with elegant acid structure and pronounced terroir character.

Ried Golden Erd Neuburger - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Golden Erd Neuburger

Neuburger from our best vineyard site. Intense varietal character and unique terroir expression.

Golden Erd Weissburgunder - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Golden Erd Weissburgunder

Pinot Blanc from a great, old vineyard – extraordinary charm and unique expression with marvellous ageing potential.

Ried Feiersteig Sankt Laurent - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Ried Feiersteig Sankt Laurent

Sankt Laurent with plenty of elegance and structure from the historical Eisenstadt vineyard.

Gloriette Blaufränkisch - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Gloriette® Blaufränkisch

Deep, structured, expressive – a great Blaufränkisch from 60-year-old vines that are rooted in Leitha shell limestone.

Beerenauslese Neuburger - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Beerenauslese Neuburger

Neuburger as a sweet botrytized wine – a harmonious combination of fruit and nut notes with appetizing drinkability.

Beerenauslese - Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Beerenauslese Weissburgunder

A botrytized Pinot Blanc with a perfect balance between residual sweetness, alcohol and fruity acidity.