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Tinhof is Neuburger
Neuburger is Austria
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Eisenstadt in Burgenland, 40 km southeast of Vienna, is our home on the Leithaberg. Evidence of viticulture in this region dates back to the 8th century B.C. This is the oldest evidence of viticulture in Central Europe and we continue this heritage with great respect and humility. Due to a Pannonian climate that is moderated by Lake Neusiedl, we are graced with the ability to produce white, red and sweet wines of the highest quality here on the Leithaberg. Warm, dry summers and cold, dry winters combine with the typical wind of Burgenland to shape the vegetation of our region. The Leithaberg is the last remnant of the Alps reaching toward the Pannonian Plain. Its shell limestone soil is millions of years old and offers optimal conditions to grow complex wines. This unique calcareous soil and the cool winds from the adjacent Leithaberg Forest lends the wines an inimitable mineral, highly structured character. The resulting wines express their origin clearly and unadulterated in the glass.


This very special, small vineyard parcel is located within in the larger Ried Feiersteig. It was documented in the mountain ledgers of 1579 as the best vineyard parcel. This southeast-facing vineyard is characterised by pure, coarse-grained Leithakalk (Leitha shell limestone) with shallow humus cover. In this particularly meagre soil, the vines thrust their roots deep and produce grape bunches with small, aromatic grape berries. Cool breezes from the adjacent forest create a unique microclimate that lends wines depth, length and an inimitable aroma. This parcel is perfect for creating impressive Neuburger and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) wines with marvellous ageing potential.

Bodenprofil Ried Golden Erd

Ried Golden Erd Weingut Erwin Tinhof
Ried Tatschler


Ried Tatschler, which is situated in Grosshöflein, is a southeast facing vineyard in a wind-protected basin. Over centuries, the soil developed a thick humus layer with limestone inclusions. This combination provides the vines with optimal mineral nutrients and water. The result is intensive and aromatic wines with elegant acidity. The morning sunshine ensures that the grapes dry quickly and supports our biological production methods. The vineyard is surrounded by woods in the north and these have a cooling effect due to the cool winds during the night.


We are extremely privileged to be able to cultivate 50-year-old Neuburger vines on our monopole vineyard site Ried Oberberg. Here, the unique Leithakalk (Leitha shell limestone) is particularly meagre and porous. In combination with the excellent microclimate, it is possible to harvest the grapes early at optimum ripeness. What is special about this site is the small abandoned stone quarry which is directly next to this vineyard. In the past, stones were extracted from this site and were used for the famous Haydnkirche in Eisenstadt. This vineyard is brimming with history and we tend to it full of humility and gratitude.

Ried Feiersteig Weingut Erwin Tinhof

Bodenprofil Ried Feiersteig


Documented since 1455, this southeast-facing vineyard is situated high above the castle park of Eisenstadt and extends to the edge of the Leithaberg forest. Proximity to the forest causes large diurnal temperature fluctuations and together with Leithakalk (Leitha shell limestone), ideal conditions prevail to slowly ripen the Sankt Laurent variety to full maturity. This Sankt Laurent vineyard yields very elegant, finely spiced red wines each year.


Situated below Ried Tatschler, Ried Setz has a unique characteristic which distinguishes it from other vineyard sites belonging to our winery. It is the only vineyard site which boasts a significant proportion of slate in the soil. Documented since 1569, grapes that grow here exude particularly special aromas and flavours. Unlike our other wines grown on Leithakalk, wines from this vineyard site grow on weathered slate and are characterised by cool freshness and profound elegance. The south-facing vineyard and the resulting sunlight on long summer evenings allow the grapes to ripen perfectly by autumn.

Ried Setz
Ried Kirchberg


We cultivate our oldest 60-year-old Blaufränkisch in this small vineyard located in the Kleinhöflein district of Eisenstadt. For decades, this wine has embodied the top quality of our winery’s red wines and is only vinified in exceptional years. Sloping towards the south, this old, deeply rooted vineyard enjoys the sun from morning to night. An ideal prerequisite for concentrated Blaufränkisch wines full of character.